Weldable Strain Gauge – SGCJ02-150

Vibrating Wire Weldable Strain Gauge is designed to be welded to the steel structures to measure strain in an element. This can be either a rebar, structural profile, a sheet or a pipe. The main usage of this instrument is in steel structures, factory facilities and bridges etc. The instrument is usually welded to the member either with a spot weld or an arc weld. For the arc weld, two steel blocks are mounted at both ends to facilitate welding without imposing any damage to the sensor

Some of the applications of this instrument are:

  • Measuring strain in steel structures and buildings.
  • Strain measurement in steel beams and slabs.
  • Measurement of strain in columns and struts.
  • Strain measurement in factory facilities.
  • Monitoring of steel pipes.

The element on which the strain gauge is installed shall be clean. The gauge is laid on the element in the direction of strain measurement. An arc weld or a spot weld machine is used to weld the instrument to the element. Right after the weld has cooled, the measurement can commence If possible, the sensor shall be installed in shade to avoid direct sunshine. If not possible, it is suggested to cover the sensor with a sun shade. In all the cases, cables should be protected with suitable covers to avoid any damage

  • Cable length in m