Water Level Meter – WLCI01-XX

Water level meter is used to determine the level of ground water in boreholes and wells. This consists of a wheel of cable to the desired length and a probe in which buzzes when touches the water. The cable is graded in meters and a potentiometer is built in the wheel to adjust the sensitivity for different fluids. The system is fully water proofed and it operates with ordinary 9 volt batteries which can be easily replaced from the front panel of the instrument. The wheel has a holder on it for the probe to rest on it during transportation. Special features of this instrument is its small size and ease of operation, long term stability and durability, very economical and fast reaction time, alarmin with a light bulb and a busser and wide range of cable length ( 50-300 meters) has made possible. Ability to change the sensitivity of the instrument for different fluid properties is an important option which facilitates recognition of different conductive fluids.

Some of the applications of this instrument are:

  • Determining water level in wells.
  • Determining the level of water in observational holes in rock fill dams.
  • Water level checks in hudrailic permeability field tests.

To read the water level, the equipment is taken to the well location. The sensitivity of the probe is first set. Details of how to set the sensitivity is explained in details in the user manual for the water level meter. After this stage, the cable is opened from the wheel and is guided into the well. When the probe reached the water surface, the buzzer (or light) turns on and shows the probe has reached the water level. At this location, the length of the cable with swaged metallic segments and the centimeter and millimeter can be read by a steel ruler which is provided with the equipment.

  • WLC-L-01-XX
  • I: for Contact type
  • XX: Cable Length in meters