VW Displacement Sensor – VDSJ02-XX

Displacement sensors are devices which translate linear displacements to an electrical signal. Vibrating Wire technology is a system which is used in many linear displacement sensors. A VW based sensor is attached to a spring and other peripheral units which go under tension as a function of displacement. The displacement is transferred to the spring and the resultant tension is applied to the wire. The whole system is encapsulated into a steel casing which acts as a protective shield too Vibrating Wire displacement sensors come in different length and sizes and can be custom designed for special applications too. All metallic parts of the sensor are manufactured from Stainless Steel 316 to resist in harsh and corrosive environment. This sensor is a 1D unit which measures displacement along its longitudinal direction. To read the sensor, any VW readout unit can be used.

Some of the applications of this instrument are:

  • Measuring displacement in any Geotechnical instrument.
  • Recording displacement in laboratory devices.
  • Utilized in the industry units to measure displacement.
  • Using it in any crack meters.

This sensor is usually installed in a place where linear displacement is to be measured. To install it, the body of the sensor should be fixed and the moving central shaft should be attached to the moving part. The end of the shaft has a thread to facilitate easy attachment. The sensor is equipped with a system which does not allow for out of range displacements. To read the sensor, it should be attached to a VW readout unit or any other device which can excite and read a vibrating wire sensor.

  • VDSJ02-XX
  • XX: Stroke range in mm