Tilt meter (Fixed) – TMCM03-15

Tilt meter is designed to measure tilt in two planes perpendicular /parallel to the base plate on which the instrument has sit. The “fixed” type is usually placed on spot and records the tilt continuously. This is usually required when long term and continuous monitoring is essential. The base plate can be horizontal (for installation of the instrument on a roof) or vertical (for installation on a wall). MEMS sensor technology is used in the instrument which results in high accuracy and sensitivity. The box which hosts the sensor has an IP68 so complete sealing is provided.

Some of the applications of this instrument are:

  • Measuring tilt in structures and buildings.
  • Tilt of concrete dams and bridge pylons.
  • Measuring tilt of towers under wind force.
  • Monitoring slopes of open pit mines and road sides.
  • Landslide monitoring of embankment dams.
  • Building tilt check adjacent to surface excavation.

A vertical or horizontal facing plate is fixed to the structure at required location with role bolts. Using a circular spirit level, the plate is leveled. The tilt meter is then fixed to the plate using bolts. The cable is connected to the readout unit or data acquisition system. After the project monitoring is finished, the system can be dis-mounted and reused in another project.

  • Cable length
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Mounting plate request