Data Acquisition System – GDAM-D1

Where too many instruments should be read or continuous recording is necessary, an automatic data acquisition system (DAS) shall be used. The GDAM/E-D1 product is a versatile smart data logger that can be used for different engineering applications. It accepts main input types including voltage, temperature, 4-20 mA current, bridges and frequency. Each GDAM/E-D1 can read up to 32 common referenced or 16 differential analog input or 16 4-20 mA current or combination of them. It supports a 5 / 3.3V regulated and 18V output to power sensors The main module (GDAM-D1) is daisy chained (RS485/PWR) to expansion modules (GDAE-D1). Altogether, it is capable of reading 1024 instruments based on a pre-programmed sequence and store up to 33 million data records. Communications features include RS485, USB and WLan.

Some of the applications of this instrument are:

  • Reading data from remote and inaccessible instruments.
  • Record and save data continuously with no interruptions.
  • Alarming the engineers when data exceeds a pre-defined threshold.