Bolt Pullout System – BPSB00-XX

A bolt pullout system is an assembly of different parts by which a grouted bolt or anchor is pulled out. This is done to either design the required bond length of the bolt system or to check the correctness of the installation by the contractor. The capacity of the system varies according to the bolt diameter and its capacity. Usually 30 or 60 tones capacity is used in geotechnical applications but any other capacities can be designed and manufactured A dial gauge sitting on a separate tripod is sometimes used to record the axial displacement of the bolt while loading. This information helps the designer to decide on the bolting pattern according to the bond capacity that is obtained during pullout test The pullout system provided by PZ Co has a robust and light deigns, and has a quick setup time using versatile connections and pieces. Also large range of stroke for the jacks and gauges are also available.

Some of the applications of this instrument are:

  • Bolt capacity measurement in tunneling and underground support projects.
  • Similar task in reinforcing trenches and open pit walls.
  • Tightening bolts to a certain amount for industrial applications.

The generality of the testing setup is as follows:

  • putting a seat on the installed rock bolt
  • putting the hollow ram hydraulic jack on the bolt
  • putting the top plate and fastening the nut
  • attaching the jack to the hydraulic pump and pressurizing the jack

If the load-displacement graph is needed, the axial displacement of the bolt is recorded by a dial gauge and the load on the bolt is recorded by a pressure gauge.

  • BPSB00-XX
  • XX: capacity in tones